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Finnish nature offers a unique experience and natural beauty. Clean lakes and forests create around themselves pleasant environment, which is difficult to compare with anything. The best way to enjoy the beauty of Finnish nature - is to rent a cottage in the middle of nature.

We want to help our visitors to find the high-quality services for renting of cottages in Finland and therefore cooperation of many entrepreneurs providing rental services cottages, establish joint data bases through which the book is easy to carry and receive different services. With the established search engines can find the complete information you need for accommodation services that meet your particular needs.

Also we have prepared for users only articles that talk about fishing and traveling in the lap of Finnish nature. In our photogallery you can see pictures of nature and fishing in Finland.

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Domestic tourism is starting to become expensive as the price of gasoline rises

Love the forest and living in the woods.

We believe that Ruotsinpyhtää, which is about a hundred kilometers from Helsinki, and the natural recreation areas nearby bring much-needed variation to everyday life.

In the forest, hiking and fishing are affordable and refreshing activities during this time.

When many go for a long drive to Lapland to stay, we offer affordable accommodation that is really much closer to Helsinki and the nearby  lapland like recreation areas.

Come to Loviisa to cut the present day in a Ruukki way.



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Pike trail at Ruotsinpyhtää

Kart'in at  Ruotsinpyhtää

Fishing at Ruotsinpyhtää


Kukulin reitti Ruotsinpyhtää

Valkmusa National park

Accommodation in Ruotsinpyhtää

Loviisa Sea Villas