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Eagle Motorsport Kart

For us, audience days are STOP as we are now. 🏴☠️

To keep us going through this black and palpable gloom, and the cars to move, somehow, did you know that every event we have is always a PRIVATE !!

The opportunity is just for your small group and all of these rides are suitable for groups of friends, families and of course any kind of business group etc.
There is no one else available in the reserved time

After each ride group, our staff will properly handle all vehicles again for disinfection and clean, so that the following trips are always safe to carry out

Use Smartum, EPass off, or buy a gift card with them for the future.

Book your own fun and exciting evening with your group now

The fastest groups of 4 will get 1-2 times (h) saunas for free in March and April and by the way there are now such good deals that the plugs glow !!

Here are the exceptional rates for the entire March-April period: ESIM:

EagleMini: train and race 35e / person + 1h sauna
Eagle Map: Training, Time Driving and Competition 50e / person + 2h sauna!

(GP packages all included - 20% until the end of April.)
Fun is start soon Contcat

Customer service in Fin/Eng and Russian

Cottage Marketing / Oy Prima Partner Russia Ltd

Loviisa / Ahvenkoski, Finland

tel. +358407193637

email: info (at) primapartnerrussia.com